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Architarium ensures that you have the power to create a columbarium or memorial garden that captures your vision. Your community is unique; your columbarium should be too.

You can do as much or little as you like. Architarium, a full-service columbarium manufacturer, offers professional memorial garden services. Architarium is also a DIY project source with a bounty of planning, sales and administration information, starting with this hands-on website.

You will never be stranded: you can contact us at any time for planning, construction and administrative assistance. Even if you decide to use our professional services, our expertise and materials will help you make decisions that are right for you.

Columbarium Features

Our columbarium niches for cremation urns are designed and built by degreed engineers, educated and experienced in material and structural engineering. Engineering is extremely important for a columbarium because it must last for generations.

This state-of-the-art, 100% stainless steel columbarium accommodates a wide range of architectural designs and niche sizes, yet is affordable to purchase, ship, install, operate and maintain. You can choose from an insert into a custom wall, an add-on for an existing wall, ground niches or a free standing structure.

You will receive an unprecedented 40 year warranty backed by our engineering and US-based business founded in 1926. You will also be protected by memorial garden planning and administrative support. Make your columbarium an integral and active part of your community for generations to come.

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Historic Brick Presbyterian Church in New York City, after a rigorous selection process, has selected Architarium to manufacture a columbarium to integrate with its exquisite architecture. UPDATE: Architarium has delivered with excellent reviews including "Hands down, the best columbarium choice". With an engineered columbarium, the difference is clear.

Columbarium Manufacturer
Architarium is a US columbarium manufacturer: We do not import or resell columbaria. Our degreed engineers design, build and support your columbarium right here in the US. We are also a full service manufacturer, providing planning support before the memorial garden is built and administrative support after the columbarium is installed. We offer other memorial garden products including memorial walls, engraved bricks, cast plaques and urns. We are selected when an organization wants to create a memorial garden that is well integrated into its community, both architecturally and functionally. Learn more about the Architarium difference.
US Columbarium Manufacturer
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