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Learn what you need to know.

Regulation of memorial gardens is typically permissive provided that they 1) are operated by a religious or non-profit organization and 2) exclusively allow cremated remains. Governments recognize that non-profit memorial gardens are providing a necessary service to the community. Governments also recognize that cremains are biologically inert and pose no health or environmental concern.

Cemeteries and memorial gardens are legislated at three levels: federal, state and municipal. As a result, legislation differs among memorial gardens depending upon geographic location. The statutes and codes that pertain to memorial gardens can affect both the construction and operation of a memorial garden.

For a very reasonable (and refundable) price, you now have access to a source of regulatory information for non-profit, cremation-only memorial gardens, with emphasis on religious organizations. Architarium has conducted considerable research resulting in a package which contains:

  • Overview of columbarium regulation
  • Columbarium statutes for your state
  • Guidance on navigating local building and development code
  • Templates for by-laws and niche-related transactions

This package was created to give you a jumpstart on columbarium regulation: to give you control and reduce your costs. It will help reduce your costs by reducing legal research and avoiding rework. It will also reduce your risks by formalizing transactions with your niche buyers.

We strongly advise against relying on second-hand regulatory information which may not be relevant to your particular situation or may just plain be incorrect. Legislation is also dynamic, changing on a regular basis. The package is not intended to replace legal counsel but give you a framework to interact with an attorney or a government agency.

This valuable regulatory assistance is fully refundable upon purchase of a columbarium from Architarium. Please contact us for more information and before you have invested much into your memorial garden.









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