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Columbarium Cost

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Use the columbarium price to get an immediate reference point. Then take a wider look.

For example, consider columbarium costs for both construction and maintenance. A columbarium may be inexpensive to start but may require ongoing maintenance to maintain appearance or correct problems.

Consider columbarium value, as opposed to columbarium cost. Some items cost more but last longer. You don't want to have to repair or replace a columbarium. You don't want to risk damage or theft of urns. You should also expect more features, more complimentary products, and more service.

To balance your exploration of cost, be sure to also factor benefits to your community and potential sources of funding.

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What factors affect columbarium prices?

Quality: Foremost, the columbarium cost will be affected by the columbarium niche system itself, including materials, design and construction. These variables will also affect your columbarium's usability, maintenance and durability. Architarium manufactures a state-of-the-art columbarium niche system. Be sure to focus on value as opposed to cost. Look for features that protect the columbarium's structure and appearance. Protect its urns from moisture and vandalism. Minimimize the risk of repairs. Be able to get help with columbarium management: selling niches, engraving face plates, etc.

Size: The quantity of columbarium niches is one of the primary factors in columbarium prices. However, keep in mind that fixed costs, like site preparation, can be amortized further with more niches. Architarium also offers quantity discounts.
Configuration: Configuration is another primary factor that will affect columbarium costs. Complex designs cost more than flat configurations. Complex designs includes curved, stepped, cruciform and assymetric shapes. Also, a pre-fabricated exterior structure will add to the columbarium costs: Freestanding and wall add-on columbaria will cost more than wall insert columbaria.
Materials: Some materials are more expensive than other. For example, our bronze face plates are more expensive than our stone face lates. But even stone can vary in price, depending on the selection.
What additional columbarium costs should you expect?
Whether you are building a wall from scratch, reusing an existing wall in your memorial garden, or planting a freestanding columbarium, there will be construction costs for site preparation.
At a minimum, additional costs to consider are lighting, seating and directional signage. 
If your memorial garden location is in an exterior venue, you will have additional considerations such as landscaping, access and security. 
Cemeteries require maintenance and administration. But these functions are often handled by existing personnel. It is important to establish processes. Architarium provides clients with administrative support to minimize related costs.
What recurring columbarium costs should you expect?
Face plate engraving: You can have the engraving done locally or you can return the face plates to Architarium for engraving.
Maintenance: Our columbarium niche system requires minimal maintenance. You will never need to deal with caulk while closing or opening niches. You will not deal with stains or cracks.
Extra supplies: None are required for Architarium's columbarium system.
How do you fund a columbarium?
Start by looking at the columbarium as a capital campaign.
Architarium has written publications on generating income for a memorial garden through fundraising and selling niches. Start columbarium fundraising early in the project. Reference Architarium's columbarium budget guide for guidance.
Architarium's memorial garden planning service can help you with a comprehensive list of typical expenses. Further more, we can help you formulate a viable overall memorial garden budget.
You can take an incremental approach to construction. Order the columbarium niches in batches if needed. If expansion will be seamless (I.e. a physical extension of the existing columbarium), Architarium's columbarium can be built with a corresponding provision. To maintain the same appearance, if using stone, we recommend that you purchase as much stone for face plates as you will eventually need. For more guidance on memorial garden costs for expansion, please contact us.
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